Friday, June 27, 2008

Third time is a charm

I worked some on my Laminaria yesterday. Yes, no baby items. No cross stitch. No vacuuming. Just Laminaria.

I thought I was doing fairly well, swooshing through the star section (the part in the pictures in this post), but then I messed up on the transition chart between the star and the blossom sections. Not just once. Not twice. But three times. First time I accidentially forgot two rows and had to tink back. Second time I forgot to change some of the stitches to keep it symmetrical and I had to tink back. Third time I lost a stitch.

And there's where I am. I have identified in what area the stitch is lost, but I was too tired yesterday to try and fix it properly. I put my knitting down at 11pm cursing myself to stay up so late with a lace project... I am not tinking back three rows to get it right. I'm not. I can't stand doing that after a row of turning three stitches into nine stitches a number of time. Too tedious for my hands.

I'll swing it. And I'll live with it.

Wish me luck when I tackle it at my next break at work.


Update: I'm tinking back 2½ rows. I messed up terribly when trying to be clever and fudging it. Note to self: No lace knitting when tired.


clarabelle said...

Oh dear.. I'm really wishing you luck! Stick with it; it will get better and those stitches will get to be a bit more instinctive (I'm just about to start my third Laminaria, so it can't all be bad!).

essjay said...

I'll be holding my thumbs for you in hopes you can recover it without having to tink! :kram:

Geek Knitter said...

Oooh, I hate it when I do something like that. You're right, don't try it when you're tired. Hang in there, you can do it!

Anonymous said...

...great new colour in the background of your blog! -Shell

Jen said...

Oh, good luck!

(Holy smokes, it's gorgeous, though!)