Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Skorpan refused to eat this morning. He hid behind the tv instead of having breakfast. And then he hid under the desk in the office. We found vomit (and a biiig hair ball) by the couch, but we don't know if it's from him or his brother.

I'm worried. He's never refused to eat before. Never.

I'm going home for lunch and then I'll check up on him again. I isolated him in the bedrooom part of the house. Filled up a bowl of food. A bowl of water. Weighted them both so I can see if he's taken any. I put in a litter box for him.

I'm worried. I wonder if he ate something he shouldn't have. I don't keep an eye on them all the time when they're out in the garden. Or maybe he caught something? A virus or so... Or maybe there's something stuck in his stomach? (But he will let me squeeze his stomach without objection, so I don't really think that's an issue...)

I called the vet and they adviced me to keep checking up on him and call for an appointment later on today if he doesn't show improvement.

I cried this morning when I tried to give him food and he refused to take it. My goofy cat.

Cuddly stomach


Wendie said...

Poor Skorpan! I hope he feels better soon and starts eating. It's hard not to feel helpless when we don't know what's wrong with our furry children.

Lisa said...

Sending you good pet health vibes!!! Your fur baby will be ok!!! *big hugs*!