Thursday, June 5, 2008

Getting to know me - 4

So, here's round 4 of Getting to know me.

This week's question is number 256:

When was the last time you gave someone advice that turned out to be just the thing he or she should have done?

This one took some thinking. Nothing really came to mind after reading the question and thinking for a couple of minutes. I was about to give up and ask the random number generator for another number - yes, I was about to cheat! - but then I realized that I gave my boyfriend some good advice this weekend that he really should've listened to.

We've had great summery weather here the last two weeks or so. Clear blue sky. Sunshine. High temperatures (at least for us at the end of May and beginning of June: 20-25 Degrees Celsius/68-77 Fahrenheit). It's been very windy though so some days have felt way cooler.

My boyfriend loves to be outdoors. He will stay out as much as possible and thinks I'm such an alien for going inside when the sun sets... This weekend, I told him - as I always do when he's outside in bright sun - to be careful of the sun and use protection. None of us are any good at sunblock lotions but at least I stay in the shade or cover up. He doesn't. I told him to bring a cap to the beach and not forget about bringing it when we got there. He did. Both bring the cap and forget he brought it.

He also sat and lay down for a long time only wearing his bathing shorts.

His head, his shoulders, his arms, his back, his stomach and the back of his thighs were pink as a pig when we drove home... He said it didn't hurt. But then again, he's not the whiner in our family, I am.


Wanna play along with me? Please do!!! Either tell me your answer in a comment or make a post in your own blog. (If you do the latter, please let me know so I don't miss your answer!

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Anonymous said...

I believe I played a part in you buying those fake leather pants from Le Chateau back in 2000. As a result, you became a fashion legend in our household. (lol)