Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Unexpected call at work

My mother called me at work yesterday. From Canada. Using a Swedish cell phone (=ridiculously expensive call).

She just wanted to let me know that she and my father were in a yarn shop and that she was fondling "some silk-and-wool-yarn called Manos from Uruguay" and "would I like for her to get me some?". I happily said yes and when she asked how much I'd need I told her that 3 or 4 hanks would be good for a generous scarf.

She told me they were okey, that the call was costing her a fortune and that is was raining. And then she hung up.

I love my mum! :) She often has her priorities straight!


Kate said...

That's DEFINITELY someone with their priorities in order!! I'm glad you'll be able to get some more Manos! :) What a good mom you have!

Anna said...

Wow! Det var en fin mamma det :)

Geek Knitter said...

Absolutely worth every penny she spent on the call.

essjay said...

I love that she called to buy you yarn - so sweet!

Kim said...

I was lucky enough to see this yarn last weekend - it is a dream. Aren't mom's the ones that always know!