Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In love with Sylvi

I think I might be in love. With Sylvi. Wouldn't she look beautiful on a tall woman?

If I make this for myself, I also need to find myself a pair of nice-looking boots to fit my skinny calves. 'Cause Sylvi needs boots, doesn't she?


rhubarbsky said...

Oh Anna. . . . sylvi IS beautiful. I love the cable and flower detail on the back. . .and yes, she does want boots, but doesn't NEED boots. . .she'd look lovely over an ugly housedress. . . that's how pretty she is!

Geek Knitter said...

I think Sylvi would suit you perfectly!

And yes, definitely boots... very sexy!

zebraknits said...

Yes, the boots are absolutely necessary for Sylvi. I think it would look beautiful!

Matte said...

Sylvi behöver stövlar. Nej, inte stövlar. Boots.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...looks like a sweater worn by the main character of a romantic story! :) -Shell

crrly said...

Men WOW, hur snygg var inte hon då?!!! :-)

Du är ju hur duktig som helst, vilka fina saker du gör!!!!!!!!!!

Hoppas ni har en fin jul, jag vill träffa dig snart! :-) KRAM!