Friday, January 2, 2009

A new year without any resolutions

So that was the end of 2008 and the start of 2009.

Christmas was nice. And I think my Santa this year came from the Canadian Arctic as opposed to the usual Nordic Arctic. Santa brought me Canadian dollars to spend on my vacation (I leave in 48 days!!!), a book on how to be Canadian (by will and Ian Ferguson) and a yarn kit from Canadian Fleece Artist for a Lady of the Lake Jacket. I also got a gift certificate so I can buy fabrics, an extremely funny book on notes that people have left for others (Den som inte tar bort luddet ska dö av David Batra), a CD and a subscription for a crafty magazine (sewing and knitting).

Boyfriend and I was unable to celebrate New Year's Eve "as everyone else". Or, I guess we could've, but it'd be difficult for us and we chose to opt for easy. So, we had our own little celebration yesterday instead. We made an awesome dinner (I'm lucky to have a boyfriend who enjoys cooking more than I do...) and had a great night.

I'm not doing the New Year's resolutions. I always end up thinking about the same things I think about (and promise myself) all year around. I'll be more active (go the gym regularly, do my yoga routine at home, take walks). I'll eat better. I'll watch less TV. I'll pick up after myself and keep my things organized. I'll deal with things instead of procrastinate. I'll vacuum the house twice a week. I'll keep in touch more with friends and family. I'll read more books. I'll be more conscious about what I buy and save more money. I'll say "no" more often. Yadda yadda... You've heard it all before. And so have I. Therefore, no specific resolutions...


Knitting news.

Sylvi has been started!!! I cast on for the sleeves Saturday night and as of now (noon Friday) I have the two sleeves knitted (with a provisional cast on at the cuff end as I'm not sure I'll keep the cuff as it is in the pattern) and I've reached row 82 on the back. Out of 156. Which means I've knitted more than half of the rows already. It's really a very enjoyable knit. I love the cables and the seed stich.

Can't decide if I want the hood or not. I sort of like the way it looks, but I doubt I'll ever use it. I'm not a "hood person". And when the hood is down, it covers the flower up on the shoulderblade. But then again, deciding against the hood means I'll have to come up with a different collar myself and I'm not sure I want to go there...

I'm thinking about adding a flower ot one of the fronts as well. Just to have something little happening there and not just seed stitch. We'll see about that though.

I'll take pictures of my progress during the weekend.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you with the "no new year's resolution" the only one I made was to buy a walking foot, even though I really wish I could bring myself to do my yoga routine more often, but I know I'll fail.

I can't wait to see Sylvi, and I'm all for the hood but then again I'm a hood person :)

Geek Knitter said...

Yeah, no resolutions for me this year either... except for maybe to laugh a little more and frown a little less!

Happy New Year Anna, thanks for being my friend.

Manders said...

Happy New Year Anna.

I can't wait to see your progress pictures of Sylvi.

Lia said...

Happy New Year!

My 'resolutions' are just like the one's you're not making, the same things I think about all year long. I am trying to be better and have started the year off well. We'll see if I make it past the first week :)

I am so jealous that you're knitting Sylvi! I'm afraid I don't have that level of commitment, so I'm going to live vicariously through you. And I say go for the hood; the coat just needs one.


Anonymous said...

I wish you all the best in 2009, Anna! Thank you for your wonderful blog! -Shell