Monday, January 19, 2009

WIP - Sylvi

Blocking fronts
Blocking the fronts of my Sylvi. The cable design comes from the hood. I still need to add petals to the flower. That is what all the white fuzzy yarn is there for; to show where to pick up stitches for the petals.

Blocking back
The back piece on the "blocking table". I have 8 more petals to add to the back...

Another close up
A close up from the cable design on the back. I love how the cables really pop out!

Left to do:
- Sleeves: pick up stitches from the provisional cast on I made and add 50-60 rows so I can fold up the sleeves. I'm not too fond of the suggested cuff and think this will better suited for me.
- Sew the pieces together.
- Make the hood (Yes, the hood is staying...)
- Block the hood somehow.
- Back, front and hood: make 18 more petals for the flowers and stitch them on.
- Find buttons and sew them on.


Anonymous said...

Your Sylvi looks fantastic; beautiful work! Can't wait to see the final result :-)

Manders said...


It looks awesome Anna.

Geek Knitter said...

Oh my, Anna, you take my breath away!

Anonymous said...

Sylvi is looking great so far! Have you decided on the hood yet?

Jen said...

Wow! That's...amazing!

Jen said...

Looks lovely, Anna! (Good color choice! :)) Jen.

Mona said...

Du får det verkligen att klia i fingrarna! :-)

Kim said...

incredible! Those cables are amazing.

swedish fishie said...

That is amazing! You are so talented!

Wendie said...

It looks incredible, Anna!