Monday, February 2, 2009

Saved by Harry Potter

I've always been very nervous when it comes to talking in front of people and making presentations. I'm not just talking about butterflies in the stomach here, but birds moving around. Nausea, somtimes vomitting. Uncontrollable shakings of legs and arms. Goosebumps. A heart beating so fast I can't get an actual number on the rate.

I have a hard time sleeping the night before, repeatedly waking up confused and disoriented.

Guess what? I'm about to make a presentation this afternoon. For my company's management group.

My eyes are sore from lack of sleep and my jaw is getting some serious exercise in yawning. The night was rough. But you know what? I dreamt of Harry Potter all night and he kept me company every time I woke up. I felt strangely comforted by having him there. (I started reading the Harry Potter-books a couple of weeks ago and started the fifth one yesterday...)

Wish me luck on my presentation this afternoon by holding your thumbs for me! Tack!

PS. I've completed 25 out of 58 rows on Sylvi's hood!!!


Anya said...

I feel the same way about presenting and have the same symptoms. I had to give a presentation a few months back for one of my classes. A few days before, anxiety set in. But to overcome it, I did a lot of breathing exercises and told myself that it's not the hardest thing I'll ever do in life. Somehow, rationalizing with fear did the trick.

Geek Knitter said...

I get nervous before presentations as well, but not quite as nervous as you. You can do it! :holdingthumbs:

Dilly said...

Best of luck on your presentation! I know that you are always prepared for the work you need to do, and I know that this presentation is no different. Remind yourself that you know your stuff, and that you're going to be great!

Do something nice for yourself when it's over!

Anonymous said...

Just remember: you are providing an expert opinion for their consideration. They want to know what you have to say! :)


Anonymous said...

Holding thumbs!

ekittie said...

Good luck! :holdingthumbs: I'm sure you'll do great. :)