Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Going out of town again

I survived my presentation at work yesterday! :) Thanks for the thumb-holding!


I'm going out of town for a couple of days for a work-related seminar. My backpack is filled to the brim as I needed a bit more clothes and make up than I usually bring for seminars. I also packed two Harry Potter-books... (I have about 200pages left of the fifth one and have two nights in a hotel plus 8½hours on trains to get there and back...)

I would have loved to be able to work on Sylvi and get that hood and the last two flowers done, but Sylvi doesn't make for great travel knitting. She's too big.

Instead, I decided to bring my Meandering Scarf. Remember that one? I admit to not having worked on it for aaaages. It makes for perfect knitting on a train though as the pattern is simple and the project in itself is very portable. It weights practically nothing and I'm using 2 DPNs to knit it, so there won't be any poking around with elbows going on...


I leave for my vacation in 16 days!!!

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clarabelle said...

Glad you got through the presentation OK! I thought I'd left a message, but I obviously didn't, sorry. I would have said the same as Shell though, plus deep breathing and not speaking too quickly.

Hope your seminar goes well, as does the travel knitting!