Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sylvi-progress, some exercise and yoga

Weekends are supposed to be fun and relaxing, eh? Well, I had a (mostly) fun weekend, but I don't know where the "relaxed part" went...


My progress on Sylvi has somewhat haltered. Being out of town last week and keeping busy all weekend, hasn't left me with a lot of knitting time. I'm nearly there when it comes to finishing Sylvi though. I have another ten rows to knit for the hood, maybe a blocking of the same, ten petals to knit and sew down and some ends to weave in. And I need to find buttons. And attach them.

It sounds to be more work than I thought when spelled out like this, but in my mind I'm close to finishing...

And I really want to finish Sylvi before I leave for my vacation. I'd love to bring her to Canada. (And the US.) But that only leaves me with 9 nights and I have plans made for 2 of those. And I probably should be packing instead of knitting the night before I leave for three weeks away from home...

I also need to figure out what knitting project(s) I should bring with me on my trip... Decisions. Decisions.


I was a slacker last week at the gym due to being away on work business for three days. (Have you checked out the honeymoon suite I got at the hotel?) Anyways, yesterday I decided to go for an hour lifting weights and working out in the machines before doing an hour of yoga. I did my usual warm up; ten minutes on a track machine while getting bored out of my mind, before going upstairs to do my real work out. And I stopped just as I got up. The place was crowded. Completely packed with people. All the machines I usually use were occupied and there was even a line up formed at two of them. No way was I going to join the crowd...

I got downstairs again and found a treadmill that wasn't occupied. I actually got through 35 minutes of walking on the treadmill before I had to get over to my yoga class. And I didn't yawn once. Or sigh. Or find it awfully boring. Miracles do happen!

Yoga was good. Better than expected. The instructor had made quite a few changes to the routine since I was there last (some three weeks ago?) and this class had a better flow to it. And I got to do one of my favourite asana; sitting forward bend! Not only once, but twice. I'm stiffer now than I was a year a half ago, but I guess my body got a thourough warm up yesterday, 'cause my forward bend was soooo relaxed and I sank into it very quickly, being able to rest my chest on my thighs and put my face down on my legs.


A random picture of me showing the world my butt while doing yoga:

Me doing a variation of "The Plough" on a yoga retreat in France in 2007


Matte said...

Wow, Anna. Det var länge sedan jag kunde göra det där. Jag borde kanske börja göra min yoga oxå.

Bamse kramar.

crrly said...

Du är utmanad. Kram!