Thursday, March 26, 2009

In love. Again.

Isn't this shawl one of the most beautiful shawls you've ever seen???

I can't stop thinking about it. I love the design. It's that easy. I love it.

And I'm stunned. 'Cause it's a circular shawl.... I've never understood the point of circular shawls. How are you to wear them? How can you show off the beautiful design if you have to fold it in half? Please, fell free to enlighten me!

And not just that... It also has beads. A whole lot of beads. The pattern suggests 5 000 beads!!! I've never used beads in my knitting and I have to admit to more than once thinking that beads are overkill in shawl designs... But not here. They make the fish net portion ofthe shawl more radiant and alive.

I find myself considering different yarns. And colours. And beads.

Now, what to do with the projects I'm already working on? And the projects I've planned to start? Might be time for me to go through my different lists of projects (most of which are mental and not written down) and make decisions... 'Cause I've fallen in love with a Shipwreck.


Anna said...

Det brukar verkligen vara helt omöjligt att låta bli när den där typen av kärlek slår till. Ingen idé att kämpa mot ;)

Stiney said...

I love Shipwreck, but only when it's all spread out! I'd want to make it and then hang it up as art.

Geek Knitter said...

A beautiful shawl is it's own reward. And I must say that Shipwreck is most beautiful! Go for it.