Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What does Giovanna know?

I went to see a psychic in Toronto, Canada, on my vacation. It was my third time visiting a psychic, and my second time seeing this particular one; Giovanna on Yonge Street. Every time I've seen a psychic, it's been in the company of my best friend in Canada; my former roommate from when I studied one year at a university in Ontario.

I can't say I believe in psychics. (I don't believe in much. I don't believe in ghost. Or angels. Or God. Or UFOs.) But it's been a fun thing to do with my friend.

This time around I was told I had an angel watching over me. Most probably my maternal great grandmother. Apparently she was trying to tell me something and I should be aware of my dreams. Something that wouldn't make sense at the time of the dream would prove to be a message from my great grandmother. And if/when a sudden smell of perfume or soap or lotion or somehting like that just passed by my nostrils without a sensible source, I am to speak out loud and tell my great grandmother ('casue apparently that would be her showing me that she was there) what I want or need and she'd help me out.

I was trying hard not to roll my eyes at this when Giovanna spoke as she looked into a crystal ball.

From tarot cards, Giovanna could tell that I was a stubborn person. That I wasn't one of those who complained for ages without making changes to improve my situation. If I'm not happy about where I'm at, I change things. I don't sit around and whine. I guess that could be true.

She told me I was destined to have 3 kids. I told her that wouldn't happen. She was surprised but said that was my choice, but that destiny wanted me to have 3 kids. Or something to that extent. From my palm she could see that my boyfriend has a son. She put him in the right age span without asking me about it. (To be honest, I found that kind of spooky as I hadn't told her anything about my boyfriend.) (And thinking about it now, my first two tarot cards readings - made by two different psychics in two different Canadian provinces one year apart - told me I'd have two kids. Twin boys. And apparently children and animals can be "confused" in readings as they have the same kind of feelings attached to them. My cats are brothers. From the same litter. And therefore "twins". And if one counts my boyfriend's son as being part of my family, well, then I guess I have 3 "children"...)

The tarot cards showed I'd be travelling lots in the next couple of years. Someone would take me for a 5-day get-away in May. And she saw me and my boyfriend in Australia this fall. For a month or so. (I soooo wish this to be accurate. :) )

Giovanna assumed I was Canadian when she said that my work would generate travel as well. "Nothing too far away or fancy, maybe New York or Las Vegas". I snickered. The thought of my work sending me off to New York or Las Vegas and seeing that as "not too far away or fancy" is ridiculous.

She asked me if I knew of a promotion at work or me getting new tasks to do. 'Cause she could see change coming up soon. "Within three weeks or so". It wouldn't be huge, but it'd be noticable. I'd like the challenge and it would be a good experience. And it'd require me to do some training or go back to school for a bit.

My second day back in the office after coming home from my vacation, my boss asked me if I wanted to be the manager of a new and exciting project that my company will work on for the next 2 years. I'd be the team leader and "in charge of" a group of 3 or 4 colleagues and a bunch of external consultants. I'd report to people "high up" in the hierarchy of our company. There'll be a fair amount of money involved in the project. I'd be sent off to get some training in project management (for a week in two weeks time) and it's suggested that the group has to do some travelling to see similar projects for inspiration.

I've accepted.


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Geek Knitter said...

Maybe she knows and maybe she doesn't, I'm not certain. But congratulations on your new opportunity, it sounds exciting!

Pernilla said...

Det låter lite kusligt faktiskt att så mycket stämde.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy about your job...maybe there's something to her readings! lol

Anonymous said...

Weeeeird! But congrats! It sounds like you had such a nice trip. Welcome home!

clarabelle said...

Wow, fantastic news about the job, Anna!

I'm with you in terms of your scepticism about psychics, but 'never say never'... It must be lovely to hear that you have an angel watching over you - I would love someone to say that to me, whether I really believed in it or not!