Friday, April 17, 2009

Disc on the run

I know I promised you creativity, but I want to show you this:

My upper body shifted to the left...

This is the way I looked yesterday right before a session with a naprapat (a gentler kind of chiropractor). In the picture I'm standing as straight as I possibly can without forcing too much with additional pain. Wicked, eh?

I feel better today but was told to be expected to be in pain for a couple more days 'til my body has positioned itself properly. Apparently a disc in my lower back has "slid out to the side" and needs to find its way back in line.

I'm walking to work today as walking is supposed to help in massaging the disc to where it's supposed to be. I might be all painfree and straight in a couple of days! :)


clarabelle said...

I used to have this same problem during my teens. Believe it or not, pregnancy resolved it, hehe!

Hope you feel better soon (off to check out naprapat).


Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated but: why don't I have such a great body?! I really should do some more yoga :)

Back to the topic: I hope you feel better soon, even though I don't have the same problem, I have four screws in my back so I think I know how you feel. What really helped me, and this sounds crazy, was ballet. The only problem was that I'm a lazy cow and quit it after 2 years, sigh

essjay said...

I do hope you are feeling better now!

Anonymous said...

Owwwwieeee! That does look like it would hurt. I hope the walking, etc. helps!