Monday, May 25, 2009

FO - Knitting needle case for interchangeable needles

Front of my needle case
The front of my needle case for KP Options/KnitPro

Pattern: My own!

Fabric: Don't ask. I don't know. But I love them all. (Pikku-Kettu told me that it's Woodland Bloom by Lila Tueller. Thanks!)

Project time: April to end of May, 2009

Made for: Myself and my KP Options set

Back of the needle case
The back of the needle case with the attached elastic strap that closes the case with a snap button

Thoughts: When I bought my KP Options (now called KnitPro if I'm not mistaken), I also bought the case that is designed for the set. It's a binder in which you add plastic pockets to hold your needles and wires and whatever. I never really liked the binder. It's clumsy. And ugly.

I wanted a fun needle case to hold my needle tips and some wires of every length. I will make a wristlet of some sort to hold the rest of the KP gadgets (such as needle sizer, the rest of the wires, the purple thingies that goes on the ends of the wires, and so on).

When folded up, the needle case is 12cm/4.5in wide, 15cm/6in high and about 8cm/3in deep at the thickest. When laid flat, it's 45cm/17.5in long and 25cm/10in high. The strap that closes the needle case has an elastic in it to accomodate the difference in thickness depending on how many needle tips there are in it. There are altogether 26 pockets to put needle tips in and four pockets for wires. These pockets close with snap buttons.

Needles at home
The pockets for needle tips and wires

Needle tips and a wire
Close up of the needle tips and a wire stored in a pocket

To make this needle case more durable I added batting to the pocket panels and the outer cover. The inner "back panel" has a stiffer interfacing attached to it as I didn't want the case to get too sloppy and loose.

Folded up needle case
A bottom view of the needle case when closed. See the thickness?

I machine quilted freehand on the cover to keep it flat with the batting inside.

My machine quilting on the cover

To close the needle case, the top (where the wire pockets are) is folded over the needle tips and then the two sides are folded in towards the middle before the whole thing folds in the middle. Did that make any sense?

Top folded down
The top folds down over the needle tips...

Folding it
...the outer ends folds towards the middle...

Folded up
...and it all folds in the middle and snaps with the button in the front.


Diet Coke Mom said...

Oh Anna! I'm so inspired. I don't like the bulky notebook thingy I have for the Options set, either. This is beautiful!!!

Pikku- Kettu said...

That looks so practical! My needles are all over the place.

The fabric, btw, is Woodland Bloom by Lila Tueller (I seriously seem to have a problem with hoarding and staring at fabric way too much). :)

Kim said...

How beautiful! I have that needle set and have always thought the same thing about that black case. You've come up with a practical design that is pleasing and pretty.

Geek Knitter said...

That's just lovely! Yeah, that black notebook thing is a pretty cruddy design.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I *love* how it looks all laid out. What lovely taste in fabric you have! And your machine quilting looks awesome. I have a DPN case that's somewhat similar to what you've made, and I love it. That will be so perfect for your Options!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work! -Shell

swedish fishie said...

Very cool! I love that it's your own pattern. The quilting looks great.