Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm working on it...

Thought I'd show you pictures of the two knitting projects I'm currently working on the most.

Shipwreck by Bethany Kok:

Shipwreck Octopus
A Shipwreck Shawl in progress and all bundles up

Close up of Shipwreck
The beaded fishnet section of Shipwreck

German Stocking by Cookie A.:

WIP_German Stocking
The leg of my firstGerman Stocking knit with yarn I've dyed myself

Close up
Close up of the upper section of the cable pattern

Close up
Close up of the upper part of the middle cable section


Diet Coke Mom said...

Anna--you inspire me so much! I love the color you have chosen for Shipwreck. That pattern is beginning to call me like a siren. The cable work in the stockings is beautiful. Congratulations on the dyeing--I haven't attempted that yet.

Geek Knitter said...

Oh my goodness... they're both so lovely!

Anna said...

Så snygga sockorna blir!!! Tur att du började på dem i egna garnet också ;)

Anonymous said... the cable pattern!


Kim said...

oooh, both very pretty. I've always admired the Shipwrecked.

clarabelle said...

My god, that sock is incredible! And I love the colour of your Shipwreck! Wow.

Mona said...

Vilka fina strumpor! Du är verkligen hur duktig som helst. Om du hade oceaner av tid skulle du kunna sälja sådant du skapat.