Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I would like to...

I would like to:

  • get back to writing on a regular basis
  • sew myself a dress
  • sign up for a race and start jogging
  • bake bread every weekend
  • design my own shawl pattern
  • learn how to take great shots with my boyfriend's camera
  • get my Swahili books out from the shelf and get back into studying on a regular basis
  • work through 4 old tasks and projects at work that weigh on my conscience
  • be better at keeping in touch with my friends
  • feel completely comfortable with saying "no"
  • own more exciting clothes and know what fits me and what doesn't
  • kick some of my colleagues on the shins
  • knit my boyfriend the sweater he wants
  • read as much as I used to
  • make myself Amy Butler's Weekender Travel Bag and Sophia Carry-all
  • enjoy vacuuming the house
  • make myself a shirt or two
  • be able to speak Swahili fluently
  • stop worrying about the new work situation I'm in
  • get structured and brave enough to deal with the idea I have for a novel
  • get back into shape after way too many months of back ache and no regular exercise
  • finish some of the knitting projects I have lying around
  • go to the cinema more often
  • invite friends to a super duper dinner
  • be more interested in the practicalities of our house and garden
  • travel to Africa again
  • start a crafting business
  • bring my lunch to work every day
  • have great looking nails and cuticles
  • moisturize every day
  • sew quilt after quilt after quilt
So, why don't I?


Prinsessan Trasselsudd said...

Första steget är ju att veta vad man vill göra! En ambitiös lista, men du kan säkert göra det mesta. Tycka att det är roligt att dammsuga är nog ett ouppnåeligt mål dock. Lycka till!

swedish fishie said...

What a long list! You'd need all the time in the world (and no job) to accomplish it all. The only one I don't recommend is kicking your colleagues on the shins :) Good luck with your list; there are alot of great objectives on it.

Geek Knitter said...

For me, the best way to approach a list like that is one small thing at a time. Every time I try to make wholesale changes I get bogged down, and then I feel guilty for not doing everything.


Anonymous said...

You can do it! :)