Friday, July 24, 2009

Report from half time

I started my 101in1001-project in February last year. I have now passed more than halfway when it comes to time. 533 days are behind me and 468 ahead.

In the passed 533 days, I have finished 51 tasks and have 14 in progress. I've failed 4 of my attempts to finish a task and have had or will have to give these tasks another shot.

The tasks I'm most proud of having finished so far are:

001. Take care of my nails and cuticles every night for two weeks
033. No ice cream for a month
039. Visit my gym at least twice a week for twelve weeks straight (24/24)
093. Take out a book from the library and return it on time
098. Wear a skirt to work five days in a row

The ones I've had the most fun finishing are:

006. Read 30 books (33/30)
008. Make out outdoors
010. Try three (to me) new flavours of Ben&Jerry’s
022. Meet someone in real life that I’ve made friends with on the Internet
058. Sew five things for others (5/5)
059. Sew five things for myself (5/5)
064. Knit with others at least ten times (10/10)
082. Meet friends and family in the US and/or Canada

There are some tasks I doubt I'll finish. Some because I can't and some because I won't make them a priority. They are:

029. Buy myself a bathing suit and a bikini - This task is in progress as I've bought the bikini. I doubt I'll ever get a bathing suit.
041. Jog/Run five km at least five times (0/5) - With my back and hip issues as they have been all spring , I don't know if I'll be up for this...
042. Run an organized run with others - See comment to 041.
045. Go on five different roller coasters (0/5) - I just don't see us spending time where I'll find a roller coaster... I'd love to cross this one off though!
052. Go fishing - Takes a lot of planning... Am I up for that?
060. Paint my own painting and hang it up for display somewhere in the house - I don't own any paint or colours. Or brushes. This task might involve too much spending (time and money) to get crossed off.
063. Sell something I’ve made myself - That takes courage. Putting myself out there. And I don't know if I'd do that. To be honest.
070. Organize recipes - Booooring...
072. Choose three things from six rooms in the house and give away (0/6) - Do I really have that many things I want to get rid of?
074. Work through all the chapters in my ”Teach yourself Swahili”-book (0/6) - When? And with what energy?
080. Go to three capitals (2/3) - It might get to be a bit too expensive and time consuming to get to the third capital...
092. Ride a horse - Horses are a bit scary and it takes planning to make this work...
095. Swim in a lake - Lakes are scary to swim in. And cold. And slimey. And filled with nasty fish and monsters.
097. Win when playing TP (or other knowledge game) with boyfriend - He's smart. Or at least knows a lot of things.
101. Post in my “proper” blog every day for a month - Do I really have that much to say? And can I organize myself enough?

Wow! That list turned out to be way longer than I had expected it to... What a bummer. Time for something to make me more inspired?

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