Monday, August 3, 2009

EFIT - August 1st, 2009

Saturday was an EFIT-day (Ett Foto I Timmen/A Photo Every Hour) and I participated as part of a challenge in my 101in1001-project. The idea of EFIT is to take a picture an hour as sort of a diary.

9.00/9am - A tiny cricket on our dining table

10.00/10am - Me knitting out in our garden

11.00/11am - The blue sky with an airplane cloud

12.00/noon - Watering plants in our garden

13.00/1pm - Fixing a mistake in my knitting

14.00/2pm - Ironing one of my favourite shirts (bought at Eddie Bauer in Chicago when I was there earlier this year)

15.06/3.06pm - A church in a small village in the south of Sweden that we passed while out driving

15.57/3.57pm - A black hollyhock at the friends' we visited for an afternoon "fika"

18.01/6.01pm - An amazing "äggakaga" (sort of a creamy and dense omelette with many eggs in it) - a specialty for southern Sweden. Boyfriend and I had dinner att Skivarps Gästis.

18.58/6.58pm - Up one of the trees in the garden outside Skivarps Gästis where we had dinner

20.00/8pm - Taking in laundry that's been hanging out to dry all day. Bed sets from IKEA.

20.58/8.58pm - I released Skorpan from his cone so he'd be able to wash himself and relax some. After five minutes of very intense licking, he settled down and fell asleep.

21.59/9.59pm - Watched TV. This is the end of a show about Norwegian scientist Thor Heyerdahl's second attempt to cross the Atlantic on a boat made out of reed.

22.51/10.51pm - Time to go to bed. Bed sets from IKEA. The blue side is mine!


Pikku- Kettu said...

What a lovely project! And great photos!

I used to love watching the Thor Heyerdahl- documentaries as a child.

Kim said...

I love this! Really enjoyed all of your photos and am happy Skorpan was able to get a rest.

Micke said...

Kikat på er dag, såg denna dokumentär jag med.

Geek Knitter said...

What a great glimpse into your life! I'm so happy that Skorpan is doing well.