Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thoughts at work the last couple of days

- "Tell me again why I'm doing this?"

- "It's raining outside. And it's dark. If I didn't know better, I'd think it was November. It makes me grumpy."

- "It's so bright and sunny outside. Perfect summer weather. And I'm indoors. It makes me grumpy."

- "Should I make up my own pattern for the cardigan I want to knit? Or should I make it simple and use something that already exists? But then again, I'd have to change it a lot anyways to make it fit so I might as well make all the calculations from scratch. Right? But then, what do I want it to look like? Stripes. Definitely stripes. All over or just the body? I wonder how much of a cardigan I can get out of the yarn I have. 3 hanks of blue and 2 brown ones. Well, that makes for 2300meters or so. That's a cardigan. But should I knit it from the top anyways, to make sure I'll get something decent out of the amount? Maybe I could do some kind of interpretation of Cobblestone and make the yoke in garter stitch and the rest in plain stockinette? But then I'd like the garter yoke to cover my boobs, as I'm not very fond of changing patterns right there. Seems awkward too me. Maybe I could make it A-line and have some schwung to it. GAther it around a yoke. Somehow. What about the stripes? Horizontal or vertical? Vertical is supposed to make you look thinner. But vertical means knitting intarsia or stranded... Or knit it flat with horizontal stripes and then sew it on sideways to make the stripes vertical. But can I sew that on nicely?Or should I just go simple and let the colours do their magic? Just plain stockinette. Horizontal stripes. And then do something fun with the sleeves. Maybe bell sleeves? But then again, that might look out of place if nbothing else is "frilly" and pretty. After all, I'm using kind of rough and thin wool. Nothing silky or shiny or girly. Maybe I should just find a pattern that someone else put thought into? And not come up with something myself from scratch. But then again, I have to recalculate every number anyways... I don't know. I'm lost."

- "I'm real hungry. I wonder if the salad I brought will be enough for me today?"

- "I love my little boxes with index cards. I love having themon my desk. Knowing that I'm organized."

- "There's a 6km-race organized at the end of October. Hmmmm.... I could sign up for it. Use it as an inspiration to get me moving. It wouldn't kill me. Unless it was real cold and I got lost in the woods. 'Cause I'm not much of a Skogsmulle and wouldn't survive being left there on my own. I wonder what Skogsmulle would be in English? Well, anyways. Maybe I should wait 'til spring. Find another race. Or not. Maybe I should just do it in October. Hope for me being able to train without messing up my back and hips. It's more than 10 weeks 'til then. I can do it. I think."

- "This Tracy Chapman-CD is really good. Maybe I should place an order for the two albums I don't have?"

- "I feel like getting a massage. And a facial. I deserve it, don't I?"

- "Italy. Just 7 weeks and some odd days 'til we're going. I truly need a vacation. This summer has been tough with just three "long weekends" off from work. Next year, I'll make sure to get 4 weeks in a row. But I'm going to Italy before then!"

- "Why do at least two of my new (and female) colleagues leave the toilet seat up in our restroom?"

- "Work. Oh. That. I guess I have things to do. Things I get paid to think about."


Anna said...

Hahahahaha! Särskilt funderingarna kring stickningen :) Det är precis samma sätt att tänka (fast med helt andra frågor!) som gör att jag har så få egenstickade koftor/tröjor...

fefferknits said...

Camper? Survivalist? Now *I* wanna know what a Skogsmulle (did I spell that right?!) is! Heehee.