Monday, August 31, 2009

Think I can see the light

This could've been my give away post as I had my 2nd blog anniversary yesterday. But it isn't. I haven't been able to set things up the way I had planned and need a couple of more days.

Hang in there. :)


I think I can see the light at the end of the overworked-at-work-tunnel. I'll get on a train in a couple of hours to go out of town. I'm going to attend a seminar tomorrow and in order for me to avoid flying and still be able to get there when they start, I have to take the train today and spend the night in a hotel. I'll be back home at about kl23/11pm tomorrow night. And at 9/9am on Wednesday, I'm expected to present my major project for our management group. (Or at least, the scope of it now. We're far from finished.) The presentation will take place about 1½ hour drive from my house which means I have to get up early. Boyfriend has taken the day off work and will drive me up there. After my 2-hour-presentation-and-workshop (now, does that sound posh or what?) I'm taking the rest of the day off too. Boyfriend and I have planned to eat lunch in a restaurant and then spend the afternoon outdoors. Just the two of us. On an ordinary Wednesday.

I need it. 'Cause this girl is tired. And slightly overworked.


My plan was to spend the train ride knitting on my German Stockings but I won't have much time for that. Unless someone sprinkle me with Energizer and Inspirational Sparks. I must work on my Power Point-presentation for Wednesday...

I'm more than halfway on my presentation but I think it still needs another couple of hours. And finishing it today means I won't have to work on it on the train coming back tomorrow after having spent an entire day listening to different speeches. And finishing it on the train means I can spend time in the hotel bath tub reading my book (Ken Follett's Svärdet och Spiran/Pillars of the Earth) without any stress...

And I'm looking forward to that.

(By the way, I have turned the heel on my first German Stocking - after having reworked the heel three times - and am working on the gusset.)


Geek Knitter said...

I'll be holding my thumbs for you that all goes well.


Annas garndrömmar said...

Puh, lycka till med jobbgrejerna! Och hoppas ni får en härligt avkopplande onsdagseftermiddag!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure everything will go well with the presentation. Have a great day off on Wednesday!