Thursday, September 10, 2009

The cardigan that is no more

Remember this?

Well, that doesn't exist anymore. I frogged it the other day.

I had a look in mind of a cardigan with horizontal stripes on the yoke and over the bust and then vertical stripes on the "skirt" part beneath the bust. I imagined it to be flowy and A-line.

After several attempts I gave up. I had finished the skirt part without too much hassle, but making the yoke just turned out to be too difficult for my brain to work out. *I measured. I calculated. I casted on. I knitted. And I frogged*. Repeat from * to * a total of 6 times. Then I decided to knit it bottom up instead by picking up stitches along the skirt part. And I knit a couple of rows before "trying it on". Twice. And then realized I didn't love it. It wasn't as flowy as I wanted it to be. It wasn't as gathered and A-lined. It just wasn't what I wanted.

So I frogged.

And now I think I'll try to turn the yarn into a shawl instead. A crocheted one. Wish me luck!

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Kim said...

It takes a brave knitter to know when to call it. I am sure you will find the perfect idea for that yarn and a perfect yarn for your flowy A-line ; )