Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chaotic kitchen

Making semifreddos
A chaotic mess when making semifreddos

We're invited to an Italian dinner tonight. It's time to make more plans for our vacation to Tuscany in two weeks time. My boyfriend volunteered for us to bring dessert, thinking I'd appreciate making it. He was right!

Today I've made semifreddos with sugar cooked rhubarbs and caramelized almonds. And I made a mess in the kitchen while doing them. :)

You're not forgetting about my give away, are you? Last day to enter is tomorrow (Sunday, Spetember 13th).


Kate said...

At least your chaos sounds delicious!!! Have fun tonight! :)

essjay said...

I hope the party & planning went well! My kitchen is always a disaster area when I cook - but the mess is 1/2 the fun!