Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leaving Saturday

Not far away now!

A taxi picks us up at home early, early, early on Saturday morning. It'll take us to the train station so we can get to Copenhagen Airport. The plan is to eat breakfast together at the airport before boarding and taking off. At around 10pm we'll be on the ground again. In Pisa. In Italy.

We're renting cars for the week and we hope to be able to go see the leaning tower in Pisa before heading east, towards and past Florence. We get access to the house whenever we want to between 3pm and 7pm.

And then awaits a week of vacation. Nice company. Good food. Slendid views. Walks among olive trees. A lot of knitting, reading, painting and drawing. And playing board games. And wineries. And restaurants. Fresh veggies at the market and bread from the bakery. Swims in the pool. Yoga in the garden. Relaxation.

And then two nights and days in Florence. In a hotel. With a pool on the roof terrace.

I so deserve and need this vacation after having worked most of the spring and summer (6 days off since mid-March) and having changed colleagues and work routines.


Anonymous said... happy for you, Anna! Can't wait to see the photos. Have fun!


fefferknits said...

How exciting! I hope you enjoy every second of it.

essjay said...

I hope you have a fantastic time and I too can't wait to see the pictures!

clarabelle said...

Wow, that sounds a fantastic itinerary, Anna! Do hope you have a lovely, well-deserved break. X

Kim said...

You are well on your way. I hope you have a lovely vacation and can't wait to see your photos.