Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Back in the office. With heavy eyelids. And with fall winds and rain outside the windows.

Piles of unfinished business on my desk. Voice messages I haven't yet listened to. And emails I haven't yet read.

A calender I've only just peeked in. To see how many days there are 'til Christmas.

It's cruel having to go back to work after a taste of what life can be like on a Tuscan hill among olive trees.


Swedish said...

Ugh, back to the real world! I hate that feeling.

I hope you had a wonderful time!

clarabelle said...

Looking forward to your Italian tales, Anna....


Anonymous said...

lol...been there, girl! Hope you had a fantastic time.


Anya said...

Looking forward to the next getaway helps me overcome the "back to reality" depression. Can't wait to hear about Italy!!

essjay said...

I hope it wasn't too painful for you - I'm going to feel the same way in a few short weeks! I can't wait to hear about your trip - I hope you had a fantastic time! :kram: