Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pictures from Tuscany, Italy - Part 1

Tuscan morning
I took this picture on our first morning in San Giustino Valdarno. This is just behind the house we lived in for the week.

Eatable chestnuts
We had chestnut trees growing close by our house outside San Giustino Valdarno.

Drying laundry
This is Italy, isn't it? (Picture from Siena)

Our bathroom view
A picture taken from the window in our bathroom.

Zig zag sky in Florence
Zig zag sky over Florence.

These grapes grew next to our porch. Tasted really nice!


Kate said...

Seeing posts like this make me so jealous of Europeans. You have so many fabulous travel options in such a short distance! While I, on the other hand, have nearby travel options like Wisconsin! And Indiana! Dang. :)

Your pictures and writing are lovely as always! And I have especially enjoyed your blog in the last 8 months or so (since we've actually met in person) because I can "hear" your voice. :kram:

essjay said...

So lovely!

Kim said...

incredible photographs. I hope you are calm, relaxed, and filled with happy memories

Geek Knitter said...

Oh, happy sigh.

I'm off to add Tuscany to the list of places I must go visit!

Diet Coke Mom said...

Your photography is always so inspiring! I'm glad I get to take these virtual trips with you. (Wish I could take some "real" ones.)

crrly said...

Underbart! Vilka fantastiska bilder! (Eftersom jag läser ikapp -- med superdåligt samvete -- så läser jag bak och fram nu och kommenterar alltså den sista bildserien som egentligen är den första... Eh.)