Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pictures from Tuscany, Italy - Part 2

We lived among olive trees for a week when we rented a house outside San Giustino Valdarno.

Tuscan trees
On our way to Siena for a day we stopped to admire the landscape.

Pigeons hanging out
These pigeons are hanging out watching tourists in the famous square Piazza Del Campo in Siena.

View from the monastery
One day we drove to the sanctuary of La Verna and enjoyed the sights. The sanctuary itself was amazing and so were the surroundings.

Roofs in Florence
A picture taken from the roof terrace of our hotel in downtown Florence.

Car in Siena
Isn't this the cutest car ever? (I've been told it's a Fiat 500. And that it might be called Topolino.)

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essjay said...

The house you stayed in has such lovely peaceful vistas. I can only imagine how relaxing early morning walks must have been! Such lovely photos!