Monday, October 12, 2009

Pictures from Tuscany, Italy - Part 3

Pigeon in Siena
A thirsty pigeon used the fountain in Piazza Del Campo in Siena.

Houses in Siena.

A featherly leaf
This is from one of the trees outside our house. I took this picture on the most windy day and I was proud of getting it as focused as it is...

View from a hill in Tuscany
This picture was taken a day when boyfriend I took the car for a ride to get some ice cream...

Inside the monastery
This is from within the Santuary of La Verna. The paintings show how the legend behind the sanctuary, of how Saint Francis of Assisi got a stigmata and built the sanctuary on the cliff where it happened.

The river Arno in Florence
An afternoon stroll along the river Arno in Florence resulted in this picture.


essjay said...

I love the pigeon drinking - what a great shot! I also love the photo from the Monastery - the ceiling gives the photo such movement.

Swedish said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing with us :)

clarabelle said...

Fantastic photos, Anna - so Italian! I haven't been, but everything meets my stereotype in a good way. X

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how beautiful everything is! It's like a combo of every movie I've seen with Italy in it. You got some really amazing pictures! What a bummer to have to come home, huh?