Saturday, October 24, 2009

WIP - German Stocking

The first one is done! I did the last knitting while on vacation in Tuscany, Italy, but didn't have a needle with me to graft the toe. The grafting happened at home last week.

Side view - German Stocking
My first German Stocking in full

Foot - German Stocking
What I see when I look down

I have done the ribbing, the first stockinette section and 16 rows of the chart on the second one. Cables designs are fun to knit!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's gorgeous! Hooray!

essjay said...

Lovely! I love the different pattern on either side of the cable - it gives a lot of visual interest.

Swedish said...

Great job! They look super professional!

crrly said...

Ljuvliga, de ser jättesköna ut. Men bara om man har rakat benen... :-)