Friday, October 23, 2009

Writing a diary and notebooks

As I've mentioned before, I like to write. I like to form sentences. To find a rythm in words. I often read my words out loud to make sure there's a certain flow to it all.

I write emails. Letters. Reports. Blog posts. Lists. Various notes.

Diaries? No. At least not in the form of writing short reports on how my day has been in a pretty notebook with a lock on it. I did for a while when I was ten or eleven. But even then I suffered from the not-being-able-to-say-things-in-a-short-way-and-not-having-a-filter-to-screen-details-in-before-sitting-down-with-diary-and-pen-disease. My writing was, and often still is, way too wordy and detailed.

Writing with a pen also makes me very self-conscious as I care too much about what my handwriting looks like, if the page set up with blank rows and margins look aesthetically and if the pen has the right colour...

Periodically, I'll carry a notebook in my bag, taking random notes while out and about, really forcing myself not to turn it into a diary with pages and pages of day reports.

No matter my difficulties with writing a diary, I am fascinated by pretty notebooks. What do you say about these lovely finds over at Etsy?

Gold Red Bars Journal
Urban Wildlife Journal
Mosaic Notebook
Swirl Tree, Leather Journal in Suede
Autumn Leaves Journal
Coffee Drink Notebook
Winter Wonderland Vintage Wallpaper Notebook
or Summer Tree, Painted Fabric Journal


Kerstin said...

I love pretty notebooks too... Or rather sketchbooks, I don't like being constrained by the lines. There are at least two things I still haven't learned in my life: not going to bed too late and following the lines on a paper when writing. I don't intend to learn those things either.

essjay said...

Great taste in journals! You could get lost on Etsy for hours looking at all the handmade goodies!