Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An exciting Tuesday for two Swedish cats

Yesterday was eventful. At least for our cats.

In the morning I found Skorpan, as usual in the mornings, sitting on the window-sill in our home office. He was all worked up. His ears were moving frantically from side to side, as was his tail. Most mornings, he'll turn his head to look at me when I come in to say goodbye to him before I leave for work. Yesterday? Not a chance.

He was watching a rabbit on the lawn out front.

Morning entertainment
Morning entertainment

When I came home after work I was met by boyfriend in the hallway, mumbling and swearing. Apparently Skorpan and JumJum had had lots of fun in the kitchen during the day... Boyfriend had come home to find the fridge door wide open and the kitchen floor full of nibbled brussels sprouts...

The door to our fridge is a bit fussy and if you don't give it an extra push to make sure it closes properly, it might just not close. And I hadn't pushed in the morning after making myself breakfast. (To my defense I'd like to add that I had one of the worst mornings in a long time as I hadn't slept more than three hours during the night.)

We had no choice but to clean out the fridge of anything sensitive to room temperature and then go re-stocking.


Geek Knitter said...

He's not sure what he'd do if he actually caught the rabbit, but he'd sure like to give it a try, wouldn't he?

Anna, you must get more than three hours of sleep. That's just not food for you.

Anonymous said...

Hej Anna!

It's so funny to watch cats when they find something outside. Ours "talk" to squirrels, birds, chipmunks, and whatever else happens to appear. It's hilarious.

Sorry to hear about the fridge and all that lost food! How horrible.

Also sorry to hear you didn't sleep well. That project will be over soon!


essjay said...

Skorpan <3 I love that he watches the bunnies. Sparky loves to watch the birds on the porch and the occasional brave bunny or toad that appears. Hopefully the fridge door not closing wasn't too costly. Isn't it amazing that they figured it out the one time it happened!?

Anonymous said...

Or good for you. :rofl:

Tricia said...

I know how horrible that feels to throw out the food in your fridge. I did that this summer when I went on vacation...except it was the freezer. Ugh! Hope you didn't lose too much stuff!