Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Exciting Tuesday :yawn:

With the time change a week ago (yes, Europe changed a week ahead of North America) the mornings are really dark around here. This morning I found it particularly dark when eating my breakfast and it took me some time to realize that our lamps on the bookshelves weren't lit even though the timer was set for them to be on...

I was late coming home from work today and opening the front door I, again, noticed that it was dark in our living room/dining area. I asked my boyfriend, who was sitting at the table eating sandwiches, if he had done something to the lamps. Turns out he noticed yesterday that they were dark, but had figured I'd been tampering with the timer or something.

Trying to sort out what had happened to the lamps, we ended up with a corner of our living room looking like this:

Messy bookshelves
Bookshelves that are partly emptied and moved out of position

What a mess we had to make to get one of the cables out from behind the bookcases! It took us almost an hour to figure out how things were connected, get some books out, to move the three larger bookshelves and two smaller ones, get the cable and put the shelves back in position along the wall. It was heavy work!

(And looking at this picture I'm really motivated to get everything out of the bookshelves, sort through things, and put it all back in order. There are too many shelves taken by stuff that doesn't have to be, or even should be, out in the livingroom. And we've bought too many books lately that we have to pile them on top of the others...

I'm motivated! And will take care of it this coming weekend. I think... :) )

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essjay said...

I hope the mess doesn't take too long to clean up. There is something very soothing about organizing!