Sunday, December 6, 2009

Anna goes grocery shopping on a Sunday

I went grocery shopping earlier today. Boyfriend and I had decided to make potato gratin with some meat to it. I wrote my shopping list and took the car to the grocery store.

Half an hour later I was home again. Proud of myself for making it so quickly. And then boyfriend asked for the potatoes...

I'd gone to the store to get things for a potato gratin. And forgot the potatoes.

And... The thing is that I made the exact same thing five weekends ago... Just like last time, I got on my bike and got potatoes from the corner store...


A nice thing happened at the big grocery store though. I was just stepping out of the revolving doors when the woman behind me complimented me on my Sylvi; she said I was wearing an extraordinary cardigan. I turned around and thanked her for telling me. She asked me where I had got it and I told her I had knitted it myself from a pattern I had bought online. The short and round 60-year-old woman looked impressed and went on to tell me that she thought the cardigan suited me perfectly as I was so tall. I couldn't help but grin as a fool when I thanked her again.

I'm really glad I finished my Sylvi. She was worth the tears.

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essjay said...

I love getting unsolicited comments about my knitting - I'm so glad someone took the time to comment on Sylvi! I typically don't forget things at the grocery store...but I have been known to not be able to read my own hand writing so I can't purchase whatever the scrawl meant.