Monday, December 14, 2009

Highlights (5)

Highlights from this past weekend (December 11th - December 13th, 2009)

* The feeling of satisfaction as I got coming out of the grocery store (with everything I needed!) at 8.20am on Saturday.

* The blue sky and bright day we had as we biked into town.

* Hearing my sister's choir sing some Christmas songs.

* Having a friend/colleague and her daughter over for dinner on Saturday night. I made parmesan cheese pie with parma ham salad on the side. Delicious! We had Ben&Jerry's for dessert. Delicious as well!

* Being able to show pictures from our vacation in Tuscany on our flat screen TV. We laugh at ourselves everytime we connect our MacBook to the TV as we can't help feeling excited over being so modern...

* The two hours of watching a movie after the guests had gone home and boyfriend had gone to bed. I had Skorpan on my lap and JumJum right next to me the whole time. (Not wanting to move Skorpan when he was sleeping made me sit through the sappy and awful ending of Stepmom. The ending makes me want to puke...)

* Sleeping in on Sunday and not dragging myself out of bed until 11am.

* Being able to stay from fainting when cleaning out greenish-grey puss and skin from a scratch-wound on my right knee-cap. (I stumbled and fell at work on Friday. Tore my jeans open...)

* Knitting three rounds on my sister's Anemoi Mittens!


Mona said...

Jag älskar de där stunderna då jag är vaken ensam i huset. Oavsett om det är morgon eller kväll. Sitta och läsa till en god kopp kaffe, eller njuta av en film. Det är vardagslyx!

Själv ska jag försöka ta itu med julpyntandet i dag. Köpte de sista klapparna i går så de ska jag ta och slå in också. Kanske hinner jag med några rim också. Åker till storstan för fyra arbetsdagar, men är långledig över jul. Lycka! Åtta hela dagar... :-)

essjay said...

Glad you were able to rest & relax some this past weekend! :hugs: for falling - I hope your knee is healing okay!