Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Friday (nr3)

1. I'm alive.

2. Work kind of slowed down for a week or two and then picked up again. I don't think I've ever earned my salary as much as I have these last couple of months. And I deserve a raise! I've lost count of how many evenings I come home, eat something and then crash. Sometimes physically. Sometimes mentally. Often both.

3. I'm dead tired today. I promised to come and get my boyfriend and a colleague of his from a company dinner yesterday. I was expecting a call at around 9pm but it didn't come until just after 10pm. It was 11pm when I got in bed and when boyfriend started snoring I had the hardest time falling asleep. Even though I was dead tired. Men!

4. I spent yesterday afternoon in Copenhagen. A work thing brought me and some colleagues over. I haven't walked on Ströget in ages and ages. The visit got me thinking about when my best friend in Canada came to see me in 2004 and we spent a great day in Copenhagen. Do you remember that day, Shel?

5. My writing class is fun! And challenging. Our second assignment is a lot of work. It's really interesting to see how we all use our words differently in our writing. Some put the words together in a very complicated way and others make their texts flow really well by using a mininum of words. I'm doubting my own writing project though as a result... I'm not sure I'm ready for it yet.

6. I'm a bit tired of snow. We've had an unusual amount of snow and cold days here in the south of Sweden. We've actually had snow on the ground since the week before Christmas (with two or three days interruption thrown in there). I'm sick of biking in temperatures below zero and not being able to go my usual way as there's too much snow in the park.

7. To end this post on a positive note: It's Friday!!!


essjay said...

I'm only a week late in commenting but it is Friday again! :) How did the writing assignment go? Are you finding the feed back from classmates helpful? I hope work has continued to quiet down for you!

Anonymous said...

Copenhagen was awesome...we should go there again!