Monday, January 25, 2010

Creativity: Hello!

So, I decided to force myself out of the non-creative state I was in. In the last week I have:

- finished all the sewing on my first Roman shade (=hissgardin in Swedish) for the living room/dining area. Our living room/dining area gets ridiculously warm in the summer and last spring I started an attempt at making Roman shades for our big windows. I stumbled on the first one when I realized I had made a mistake when trying to figure out how to construct the shades. I also had problems placing the channels for dowels without having to measure a thousand times for each... Anyways, I got it all sorted out last week and now I "only" have four more shades to go! (Luckily, two of them have the same measurements as the first one so they'll be quicker to make.)

- started to knit a cosy hat for myself in yarn from Araucania. 5 times. Yes, I'm on my fifth attempt to get a hat to fit my head without the yarn pooling... I think I'm on track this time around. The yarn is a mix of greens and browns and is definately more subtle when knit than in the hank. This made my boyfriend happy...

- started a Citron shawl. Like everyone else. I blame my start on the three or four women working on Citrons at knit night last week. I realized a ton of stockinette would do wonders to my tired brain and my frustration with not producing anything. I'm using blueish-turquoise lace weight wool from Handpainted yarns. The yarn comes from a yarn swap with friends. (Did you know that citron is lemon in Swedish?)


My online Creative Writing-class officially started today. I logged on this weekend and found our first assignment; write a text in which you introduce yourself through the eyes of a neighbour (real or made up). The neighbour is the I in the story. A kiss or a crime has to be included and you should use approximately 2,500 characters (including blanks).

We have until next Friday but I thought I'd at least make a start yesterday. After an hour I still had nothing I wanted to save. I shut down the computer and casted on for Citron... Instant gratifiction.

One of my anxieties when it comes to this class is the fact that we will write and make our texts public. Or sort of public at least. They will be read by others. They will be critiqued by both students and teachers. My texts will be graded. Performance anxiety: Hello!


Annas garndrömmar said...

Härligt med kreativitetskänslorna :)

crrly said...

När du skrev granne kom jag att tänka på en kul grej jag läste en gång (i Handbok för tankspridda eller vad den nu heter):

En man kommer och ringer på hos grannarna med ett par trosor och säger när han överlämnar dem till sin grannfru:

"Det här är nog dina?"

"Ja, just ja! Jag måste ha glömt dem hos er igår!" svarar hon.

Saken var den att hon, likt många tankspridda (?!) kvällen innan hade dragit av sig både byxor och trosor samtidigt och när hon sedan satte på sig långbyxorna nästa dag hade gårdagens trosor ramlat ner i ena byxbenet och sen, lägligt nog, råkat trilla ut därifrån just när hon var inne och pratade med sin granne...

Hihi... Vet inte om det kan vara någon inspiration, men kanske ett litet leende?!

Stort lycka till med alla dina projekt, och jag saknar dig!!!!!! :-) Träffas nån kväll i februari kanske?

Tricia said...

so does the kiss or crime have to real?! LOL! Good luck and have fun with it. Congrats on starting!

essjay said...

I hope your creativity has stuck around and that you got your assignment done on time! Did you enjoy writing it? I understand having others critique your work! When I took a programming class we were required to critique others and that was nerve wracking enough and it was just computer code - not creative writing!

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