Monday, December 10, 2007

Packing... And packing...

We started packing this weekend. Now we have 27 boxes in piles in the living room. We've packed almost everything from our walk-in-closet, from the desk, from the stereo shelves, the "fancy china" and the kitchen. We'll bring smaller boxes home today for our books.

We don't want to wait to pack at the last minute as we're probably going to be very tired in the evenings next week (after spending hours working in the new house). At the same time, we don't want to pack too much as we're actually going to be living there for another 12 days. We haven't packed any groceries from the kitchen yet but almost all the kitchen appliances are in boxes. We've saved one bowl and one plate each. One cup and one glass each. All the cutlery is still there. As is one pot and one pan. And then some handy things like a spatula, sharp knives, my metal ice cream scooper and a whisk.

I packed my sewing stuff yesterday and won't touch it until we're in the new house. I'll deal with my knitting stuff tonight. To be honest I haven't been knitting much lately. At home at least. (Made a 4k2p-ribbed hat at work last week. In dark grey baby alpaca. Wonderfully warm and cozy!) I've been reading and sewing instead. And taking walks. I think I'll let Muir stay unpacked so I can work on her if desire sets in.

I imagine I'll be knitting regularly at home again in a couple of weeks when things (hopefully) have calmed down a bit. On the other hand, I seem to have a ton of ideas on what to sew next... Pillows! I want to make pillows for our cough and bed. A lot of them. And I want to make placemats for the dinner table. And maybe napkins. And coasters from scrap fabric. And...

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