Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I ordered myself a calender for 2008. I haven't actually used a calender in about ten-fifteen years. I mean one of those you carry around. At work I use my Outlook to keep track of meetings and some of my private appointments. But I'm always the one coming to meetings without a calender and I just hope I don't mess up when accepting meetings and deadlines. Somehow, I seem to remember most of the stuff anyways and I rarely double book.

I always have the best intentions at the beginning of every year when I'm given a small pocket calender at work. I see myself being organized. I see myself carrying that calender around, being prepared when booking meetings and appointments. But after a week or two I fail. Miserably. I end up hating the boring look of the calender. The flimsy pages. The tiny space to write in. The awkwardly shiny paper that makes it difficult to use pencils.

Saturday my mum showed me a calender she had ordered online. It was one of the greatest calenders I've ever seen. It looked stylish and trendy. Was colourful. Had lots of space to write in and the paper was "rough" and writeable. The front page was protected by a see through plastic sheet. Mum told me that it came from a webpage that let you personalize your own calender by choosing colours, designs and content. I decided then and there that this was the calender for me!

My choices: A bright yellow front page with purple letters. My first name and initals on top and "tvåtusenåtta" (twothousandandeight) beneath it. Lines to write on filling every day's space. No time stamps on the lines. No colours to separate between different lines. A box for every day where I can note that day's training. A box for every day to note the weather in. Extra lines to write on for the week and also a box for my to-do-list. At the end I put a monthly overview of 2008 and 2009, as well as an address and telephone book. Just what I need and want!

Here's what a week will look like:

I'll get the calender in the mail some time in the next two weeks and I paid 275kr (US$42, £20, 29 Euros) for it. I'm sooooo excited!

Check it out: personligalmanacka.se. (It's all in Swedish though...)

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Sara said...

Calendars are something I obsess over! I want a specific amount of space and a memo area, then I also want to have week-at-a-glance and a monthly calendar in the same book. I've been feeling rather lost because my 18 month calendar runs out this month and there are things for the spring that I have to write down. I really like the format of yours, I need to get searching for a new one.