Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bikini and Subtitles

I got myself a new bikini yesterday!!! It's number 5 if you go here and click your way through the gallery. I got hipsters for the bottom part. I can't really tell if that's what she's modelling...

I was in the store on Sunday and ended up buying a brown and pink push up bikini, but when I came home I realized it didn't fit me very well. I was hesitant in the store but figured I was just overly sensitive seeing myself in the mirrors like that. The girl who helped me out said she liked the fit on me and I was in ahurry as people was waiting for me and I... Well, I bought it. And decided after wearing it for two minutes at home while modelling it for boyfriend, that I was going to return it.

So, I went back yesterday. And not only did they accept to take the bikini back (I hadn't asked for the bottoms to be sealed as I should've had), one of the women helped me out finding a new bikini. I spent 50 minutes in the changing room with her running around the store like a squirrel finding me different shapes, sizes and colours. The first top she brought me was a balconette style, which I've never used before, and that was the shape for me! I tried the obligatory A75/A30 and B75/B30, before she gave me a C70/C28, to which I laughed. I tried it on and it fit me perfectly... I'm still stunned.

I tried a total of 10 tops and 4 bottoms before finally deciding to go for the third one I tried. I don't really know why I bothered trying on any more after that one. Not that the rest didn't fit me, they all sort of did, but this one was just comfortable at once. And I felt feminine in it.

When paying for it, I was surprised with a 25% discount as "a compensation for having walked out of there the day before with something I wasn't a 100% sure on". I liked that! And will most definitely return to get more help there. Will just make sure to ask the right woman!

(All these words to tell you I made a purchase I'm happy with!)


Saw "Sex and the City" yesterday. (For Kate, and anyone who's interested: A subtitled version. We don't dub movies or tv shows in Sweden. Unless they're for children. And some children's movies, like the big Disney productions, will sometimes be shown at the cinema in two versions; one original and one dubbed with Swedish voices.

I know some English-speakers find subtitles annoying and therefore only watch English movies and shows, but you really get used to it. When I was in Canada for a year it took me a long time to get my eyes to not look for subtitles, cause even though I'm quite fluent in English, my eyes are trained to read the Swedish words as I listen to the English talk. And as I read, I automatically translate into English and then hear the actual words being said. 'Cause I read faster than they speak.

One of the stranger experiences I've had with watching a subtitled movie was being in Canada watching a Danish Lars von Trier-movie subtitled in English. See, down here in the south of Sweden we get two Danish tv channels. My brain is quite used to hearing English while reading Danish. Watching that movie this was turned around. I was reading English and hearing Danish. It took me some time to get into the movie as I had language wrestling games going on in my head. (And yes, I understand written Danish very well and I get by with spoken Danish conversation if it's not too fast.)

Coming home from Canada, with my eyes and brain now trained not to read subtitles while watching tv, I thought that would be the way I watched tv for the rest of my life. That I would only hear the conversations. I think it took me a week and I was back into reading the subtitles. :shrug:)

Where was I? Sex and the City. I got what I expected. And a bit more. I like the characters. Mr Big makes my heart skip the occassional beat. It's sort of fun. And I cried some. But I don't get the fashion. And I'm sick and tired of women thinking that "will you marry me?" automatically means over-the-top princess wedding.

Came home and kissed the best manfriend I've ever had.


Stine said...

Your bikini shopping experience sounds awesome! I found a bra store like that, and it was pretty amazing. I wish I could find a store where I could get a bikini fitted like that.

Geek Knitter said...

My husband loathes subtitled movies, so I only get to watch them when he's not home. I love them, because my French is a little shaky and I like the safety net.

Over-the-top princess weddings make me twitchy.

Kate said...

I agree with Anree...those types of weddings make me twichy, too! :)

I'm glad movies are subtitled, rather than dubbed. I think that seeing a movie or TV show in its original language gives a true-er portrayal of the characters. For example, I can't imagine seeing a dubbed version of "Life is Beautiful." Even though I only know a few words of Italian, I appreciated hearing Roberto Benigni's real voice!

And congrats on the new bikini--a good swimsuit is hard to find!!