Monday, August 17, 2009

She's awake again

At Knit Night last week, Trasselsudd asked me - very apologetically - how Sylvi was doing... She didn't want to nag. But she was curious.

Remember Sylvi? I started working on her just before New Year's. The first pictures you saw were on January 5th. On January 19th, I showed you some blocking pictures. A week later, on January 26th, I told you about how she made me cry. I decided to not give up on her and said so on January 28th. Mid-February, I was scrambling to get her finished before my trip to Canada and the US. And after that, you've heard nothing...

I didn't make the deadline with Sylvi and my trans-Atlantic flight. Sylvi stayed home. And she slept very well in the cardboard box her yarn was sent in.

Sometime after coming home I made sure to finish everything on her except for sewing down the last 10 petals and finding buttons. End of May, Sylvi made me cry again when I tried to make the last two flowers look alright. I spent ages on sewing down two petals that just refused to co-operate. And I decided that Sylvi needed to sleep some more.

But now... She's awake again. I made Trasselsudd a promise to bring Sylvi, yarn, tapestry needle and scissors to work and get those last 10 petals sewn down during breaks.

As of now, I have 8 more to go! (And the two I have competed against have not made me cry!)


Prinsessan Trasselsudd said...

Heja!!! Kul att jag kunde göra nytta!

Stick-smurf said...

Yay för Sylvie! Du vet att vi alla är dödens nyfikna på resultatet =)
Du kommer att klä SÅ bra i den.

fefferknits said...

You can do it! I can't wait to see her when she's done.