Wednesday, December 3, 2008

FO - Potholders for my mother

The fronts of the potholders

Pattern: Potholders from Amy Butler's In Stitches (The first pair I made were for Pikku-Kettu)

Fabrics: Three different fabrics from IKEA. You might recognize the front print from my Paper Grocery Bag, and the two others from my sister's pillow covers. All three are thick cotton fabrics.

Project time: Early November, 2008 - December 3rd, 2008

Made for: My mother (a birthday gift that is now officially very late)

Modifications: This time around I skipped the patch work at front. I also decided to try some free motion quilting instead of doing the tilted squares suggested in the pattern.

Thoughts: As much as I love the finished product, I didn't particularly like making it... Or rather, it was a breeze up until the finishing where I applied the bias binding by hand. The fabric was tough to stitch through. It took me forever to get motivated to finish and I had to bring the potholders to work to force myself to work on them during breaks... (And I decided to attach the binding by hand on the second side as there were just too many layers of fabric to fit in my machine and the seam I got when trying looked ridiculously sloppy...)

The backs of the potholders with the two pockets to stick your hands in.

Grommets and quilting
Here you see the free motion quilting I made. The thread is actually invisible, but the flash makes it visible... The grommets are there for hanging.

Handstitched binding
The bias binding is attached by hand with ladder stitch. I quite like the look!

Mitered corner
One of the mitered corners. I quite like the look!

One back and one front
This is what the two sides look like next to each other. Or on top of each other...


swedish fishie said...

They are beautiful! Your work is amazing!

Dilly said...

Those are beautiful and the sewing is excellent! Did your mother like them?

Anonymous said...

She will love them! -Shell

Anonymous said...

Väldigt fina =) Hoppas att hon blev glad. Hälsn. Jessica.

essjay said...

Beautiful - I always love your fabric combinations, so lovely!